Hunting holidays on Dartmoor

Hunting holidays on Dartmoor are run from Dartfordleigh House in Postbridge, by Equitour Sporting Holidays.

Join us to experience hunting on Dartmoor riding with four moorland packs. Whether you wish to visit for a weekend only or for a week or more, we offer our guests who wish to hunt the choice of the type of hunting, with foxhounds, harriers and beagles all available.​

We are fortunate enough to be located at the meeting point of four hunt countries, with the road through the village (B3212) and the East Dart River forming the boundaries. This ensures a number of meets locally during the season.

Dartfordleigh hosts meets for all four moorland packs during the hunting season, so our guests can often enjoy a leisurely breakfast then simply walk outside, mount up and go hunting from our front door!

Experience the hunt

The four moorland packs we hunt with are: Spooners and West Dartmoor Foxhounds, The Dartmoor Foxhounds, Mid Devon Foxhounds and the South Devon Foxhounds. Following these packs allows hunting from Monday to Saturday. 

In order to be able to offer our guests the maximum variety of hunting we also have connections to: Dart Vale & South Pool Harriers, Modbury Harriers and the Lamerton Hunt (in-country hunting close to Dartmoor) and Stoke Hill Beagles (incorporates the North Dartmoor Beagles). ​This allows a “mix and match” policy to visit these packs, subject to the availability of horses.

Arrangements to hunt will be made by us with hunt secretaries and caps can be paid to us if required. Visits to local foxhound kennels can be arranged, with the opportunity to meet local huntsmen.

We have some hireling hunters available for use by our guests and arrangements with local hunting yards. Please book as early as possible as the number of available hireling horses is limited.

For those interested we offer the opportunity to have a day out with the Dartmoor Crow Falcons and witness the spectacle of mounted falconry, offered by Martin Whitley as Master/ Falconer and Alex as Field Master. The Crow Falcons hunt on Fridays between August and December, but by days can be arranged.

As with our riding holidays we have no set itineraries and want to give you the opportunity to tell us your requirements. Based upon this we will tailor make your holiday with us, to meet your needs. For guests from overseas we offer a collection and drop-off service at either Exeter St. Davids Railway Station or Exeter Airport. For more information on our tailor made hunting holidays, please contact us direct.

Book your hunting holiday

Book your hunting holiday on Dartmoor with Equitour Sporting Holidays and experience this truly wonderful part of the UK, staying in Dartfordleigh House; our late Victorian property built of local granite in the 1880’s and situated in the heart of the national park in Postbridge.​

Complete our simple enquiry form to discuss your requirements in more detail or call us on +44(0)1822 880333.