Falconry courses on Dartmoor

Falconry courses on Dartmoor are run by Equitour Sporting Holidays and Dartmoor Hawking.

Join us to learn how to handle, fly and hunt with falcons on foot or on horseback. It’s a fantastic and wonderful opportunity to experience working with and flying birds of prey!

Receive instruction in the ancient sport of falconry from one of the UK’s foremost falconers, Martin Whitley of Dartmoor Hawking. Martin’s love of falconry goes back some 30 years and he hunts the Dartmoor Crow Falcons, one of only two mounted falconry hunts in the United Kingdom.​
It is unlikely that anyone has a better hunting pedigree than Martin, who was Joint Master and Huntsman with the Britannia Beagles!

Residential falconry courses on Dartmoor

Our hands-on residential falconry courses offer you instruction in basic falconry, mounted falconry on horseback and hunting days on Dartmoor. If mounted falconry interests you, we can accommodate your own horse/s or alternatively, hirelings are available from us on request.​​ Prices are as follows:

Basic three hour course in handling owls, hawks and falcons – £75.00 per person. (£50.00 additional person.)

Basic three hour mounted falconry course on horseback.* £120.00 per person (£60.00 additional person.)

Dartmoor Crow Falcons hunt.** £50.00 per person
Hirelings. (Experienced hunting horse hire) *** POA

Residential falconry course criteria:

*Three hour mounted falconry course on horseback: first half basic handling / second half mounted, flying falcons and hawks from horseback.
**Dartmoor Crow Falcons hunt runs from August to December, normally on Fridays but bye days can be arranged. Join us for a day on your own horse.
***Hirelings are available to rent should you not have or not wish to bring your own horse.

Book your falconry course

Book your falconry course on Dartmoor with Equitour Sporting Holidays and experience this truly wonderful part of the UK, staying in Dartfordleigh House; our late Victorian property built of local granite in the 1880’s and situated in the heart of the national park in Postbridge.​

Complete our simple enquiry form to discuss your requirements in more detail or call us on +44(0)1822 880333.