Equitour is a limited UK company comprising of Dartfordleigh Holidays, Dartfordleigh Farming and Dartfordleigh Property.

We launch our new Equitour website soon but in the meantime we'd like to invite you to visit www.dartfordleighholidays.co.uk. Thank you for your patience in waiting for what we hope you'll find to be an interesting and informative website, designed to showcase everything Dartmoor has to offer.

We want you to experience this truly wonderful part of Devon too by using our websites, exploring the services we provide and joining in the conversation! Book your stay in the heart of Dartmoor at Dartfordleigh House.

With a wide range of horse riding and hunting holidays we know you'll have a holiday to remember!

Equitour Limited

Equitour Ltd is a limited UK company, owned by the Dartfordleigh Group which comprises of: Dartfordleigh Holidays, Dartfordleigh Farming and Dartfordleigh Property.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any confusion caused by the websites: Dartfordleigh.com and Dartfordleighholidays.com which have been set up in an attempt to damage our business and reputation by a former employee.

Equitour Ltd has no connection to ‘Equitour Worldwide Riding Holidays’ which ceased trading in 2010 and was operated by Louise Thomas (AKA Louise Holloway Lyall, Louise Holloway). We would also point out that Louise Holloway does not represent Equitour Ltd, Dartfordleigh Holidays, Dartfordleigh Farming or Dartfordleigh Property in any capacity and anyone dealing with her does so at their own risk.

Dartfordleigh Holidays

Dartfordleigh Holidays invite you to experience beautiful Dartmoor!

Often referred to as the last wilderness Dartmoor is situated in Devon in the South West of England. It has been a National Park since 1952 and is an area of outstanding natural beauty consisting of open moorland, granite tors, forests and much, much more!

Dartfordleigh Holidays offer you the chance to experience this truly wonderful part of the UK, staying in Dartfordleigh House; our late Victorian property built of local granite in the 1890’s and situated in the heart of the national park in Postbridge.

Postbridge is a small and friendly village benefiting from the East Dart river and the historic clapper bridge (first recorded in 1380) not to mention Bellever Tor and forest just a few minutes walk away!

Take advantage of our close proximity, wonderful settings and tailor made horse riding and hunting packages to book your stay on Dartmoor.

Dartfordleigh Holidays is a trading name of Equitour Limited.

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